If you are looking to replace your missing teeth with something that feels and looks just like the original, this is now possible with dental implants. Implants are titanium and ceramic prosthetics that are inserted into your jaws to replace your missing or broken-down teeth. They look and feel just like real teeth and can also be used to help stabilise loose dentures. This technology has been adapted from the medical industry where titanium has long been used in procedures such as joint replacements. Here at South Penrith Family Dental, Dr Clarence DeSilva has over 20+ years of experience and has an evidence-based approach to his treatments. He has a keen eye for aesthetics and only uses top of the line implants and materials to produce the best outcomes for our patients. So if you would like to consider an implant replacement, call us now for a consultation with Dr DeSilva.

Dr Clarence De Silva

Dr De Silva graduated in dentistry in 1996 from the University of Adelaide after which he completed 10 years of service with the dental corps of the RAAF. His special interests are in oral surgery and dental implants.